505 Southwestern® Brings Hatch Valley Green Chile Offerings to Market

Flagship Food Group is making sure consumers can enjoy the taste of high-quality Hatch Valley green chile peppers, wielding its 505 Southwestern® (505SW) brand to bring a collection of award-winning salsa and dip products to shelves. The team behind this beloved brand is hard at work harvesting over 20 million pounds of green chiles to support the flavorful lineup.

“Hatch green chiles really do make everything taste better. We are so honored to have the opportunity to serve customers through our fresh Hatch green chile program as well as our value-added products for both retail and foodservice markets,” Chris Franzoy, a fifth-generation farmer in the Hatch Valley and President of Flagship’s Young Guns division, commented to Deli Market News. “Our Hatch peppers are used in salsas, sauces, and guacamole.”

As these products come to store shelves, consumers should seek out Yucatan’s Chunky Hatch Valley Green Chile Guacamole and 505SW’s Guacamole, which are hand-scooped in the supplier’s facility in Mexico and shipped fresh from the field. Complementing these offerings, the brand’s Hint of Hatch chips are now nationally distributed, and a new Roadhouse Salsa lineup will be joining the mix during the summer season.

Flagship Food Group recently acquired Yucatan Foods and its 97,000-square-foot fresh dip manufacturing and high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) facility in Silao, Mexico, allowing the company to add another best-in-class manufacturing facility to its expansive family of SQF food manufacturing facilities across the world.

505SW is among the few companies that roasts and jars its own green chiles down in New Mexico. The producer harvests over 20 million pounds of green chiles every year from New Mexico's Hatch Valley, which are removed from the vine, cleaned, roasted, peeled, chopped, and packaged within three hours to maintain top-quality freshness. The company flame-roasts these delicious green chiles in large roasters, roasting about 50,000 lbs each day.

“This season, most transplants have been harvested, shredded—a process where we mow the plants to roughly six inches and regrow for a second harvest—and are beginning new growth. Seed planted chiles are quickly approaching maturity and will be the next to harvest. The plants are carrying a good load and should produce some beautiful peppers,” noted 505 Southwestern in a recent release.

505 Southwestern is using Charger, G76, and Esmeralda varieties of chile this season. The brand’s green chile is made from three simple ingredients: green chile, lime juice, and garlic. It is jarred at the peak of the season, so consumers can enjoy the fresh Hatch Valley green chile flavor all year long.

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Source - Deli Market News